The Best Girlfriends Of The Zodiac, Ranked

The Best Girlfriends Of The Zodiac, Ranked

From worst to best… Are you ready? Where are you ranked?

12. Scorpio

Beware of this sign. They are very romantic but if you do any mistake they will be the most brutal. They can take things to that extent where you will feel like you have done something very wrong. But if you are honest with them they can be the best.

11. Virgo

They are the most insecure sign. Virgos tend to get jealous very easily. They even get jealous of the person with whom you are talking or working.

10. Aries

They love to do anything intensely. Talking about the relationship; they also do that with their full dedication and intensity. If you ever make them unwanted they will leave you forever. But if they consider you to be their world then they can do anything for you.

9. Taurus

They love to be independent. A taurus do not like to stay in bondage. They must be aware of the fact that you truly love them. If you succeed they can be just like your mother; giving care and love together.

8. Cancer

Keep pampering them like a baby they will also love you. You can’t upset her as they get upset with very petty issues; though they are not very trustable. But if you give them love; they can be your girl forever.

7. Leo

They are the romantic movie characters. They will take the relationship to that extent where you may feel like your relationship is a romantic movie.

6. Aquarius

They are the perfect average girl. They are passionate and loyal to their love life. Her thoughts and actions may look like weird but after spending time with them you will realize she is really admirable.

5. Gemini

They are like a sunshine mixed little hurricane. Geminis are fun loving and love to spend some breathtaking moments with you but at times they can also be the real pain in the ass for you.

4. Libra

They are the kindest sign of the clan. Libras are socially active so try not to be jealous. They are filled with positive vibes. But do not hurt any Libra woman. They do not like any strife with their loved ones.

3. Capricorn

They are the miss perfectionist. Capricorns will give their 100% in the relationship to make things work out perfectly. They can be difficult at times for their perfectionist attitude but if you can manage with that then they are the best.

2. Pisces

They are the most trustworthy sign of the clan. Pisces will do whatever to take good care of you. They are very delicate and attentive about their words and action.

1. Sagittarius

They are generally selfless and benevolent sign. Their only motive is to push you upward and make you successful. If you get any Sagittarian girl try to stay happy with them. As they are the best girl one can get in their life.

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