20 Things You Should Do To Make Your Relationship Last For 25+ Years

Relationships are tricky but as Woody Allen famously put, “we do it for the eggs. Everyone loves to love and to be loved by someone special. However no matter how superficial you are; looks go away with age and you are left with just the bond that you share with your special someone. There are some things however, which can be done to increase the longevity of your relationship.

We have prepared a list of 20 things like those here:

1. Start and end your day with each other

Start and end your day with each other

Seeing the face of your beloved right after you wake up and right before you go to bed can be the most special thing. It will make your day bearable and your nights peaceful.

2. Accept each other’s imperfections

Accept each other’s imperfections

Because that’s what makes you and them what you are. It gives you your niche identity and it separates you from the rest.

3. Never take each other for granted

Never take each other for granted

Life is short and very sneaky: You never know what might happen tomorrow. Things can work out in the worst of ways and you might end up alone.

4. Appreciate each other and show your concern

Appreciate each other and show your concern

We understand that you have a busy schedule but make sure to check up on your partner. It takes 15 seconds to text and a minute to call. We can all expend that much.

5. Compliment them

Compliment them

Shows appreciation and valuing.

6. Show them they matter

Show them they matter

By sacrificing the tiniest of things in the tiniest of ways if required.

7. Don’t be snooty

Don’t be snooty

At least not to your partner. That’s the least you can do.

8. Make each other a better person

Make each other a better person

At least strive to do so. Encourage and push each other, in a positive way.

9. Don’t hold grudges

Don’t hold grudges

People make mistakes and unless it’s cheating, try not to hold it against them.

10. Show integrity

Show integrity

And don’t be conceited. Be honest about your feelings.

11. Share a laugh

Share a laugh

Nothing makes bonds stronger than laughing together.

12. Don’t cheat on them

Don’t cheat on them

And keep their confidences private.

13. Forgive and forget

Forgive and forget

Let bygones go. They are called bygones for a reason.

14. Respect each other

Respect each other

This is because mutual respect separates the ideal relationship from the good/bad ones.

15. Support their dreams

Support their dreams

Because everyone requires help, physical and/or emotional sometimes.

16. Pamper them

Pamper them

Because that’s what love is about. Buy them something small or hug them when they least expect it.

17. Trust


Build it and make sure it stands.

18. Explore


New places and possibilities with each other.

19. Switch your phone off when you’re with them

Switch your phone off when you’re with them

Because they are worth more.

20. Never sleep angry or sad

Never sleep angry or sad

Make sure to clean up before you go to bed.

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