Things You Learn When Everybody Around You Gets Married

Things You Learn When Everybody Around You Gets Married

If you reach this age where you should be getting married, you quickly start becoming a minority among your friends. At this time, you start to learn these 10 things…

Your type changes as you age

Somewhere around your mid-twenties, you start paying less attention to looks, and you look for different things in your choices of partners: someone who can share your deepest thoughts, be there for you when you need them.

Finding what you like to do in life is more important than marriage

Whereas sharing your life with someone is very important, you need to focus on yourself and find a profession that fulfills you, and allows you to have a balance between personal and professional life.

Dating may suck, but you learn many things

By having bad dates, you start realising that often, it is better to be alone than to spend time with people that don’t deserve it.

Pay attention to good friends

Partners will not always be around, and even when they are, it is not good to rely on them completely. Friends are those who will be there no matter what.

Never settle

Loneliness is a harsh thing,  but settling for someone you don’t like just because your friends are going in couples, is something you will regret, sooner or later.

Find yourself before finding a spouse

Getting married often is a way of avoiding facing yourself alone. This is why it so often ends so badly…

Kids are not the answer to everything

So many married couples believe that having children will make them overcome their problems. The result, is just transferring the problems to their child’s psychology.

Nobody “loses” their married friends

Getting married doesn’t mean suddenly moving to a place where single people don’t exist. If you and your friends want it, your friendship will stay intact after marriage.

You can do the things you want on your own

You can have a beautiful house, go on an awesome trip, or get the perfect job opportunity, without relying on somebody’s else approval or support. Take your life into your own hands, and finding someone to share it with will come on its own time.

Marriage is also not the answer

Even more so than children, marriage is not a magical thing that will solve everything.

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