There Are Just Some Things You Should Never Talk About!

There Are Just Some Things You Should Never Talk About!

Wait! Before you open your mouth, think twice. There are some things you should never talk about and just keep to yourself! I’m not talking about refusing to spread gossip, or not revealing the answers to a test question. Yeah, that’s wrong as well, and I believe you already know that. What I’m talking about is deeper than that.

There’s nothing wrong with communication, and sharing feelings with your friends and loved ones to find solutions to difficult decisions is sometimes nessessary. What I refer to are those things about yourself, maybe the things you want to tell, deep down inside, you need to voice-at least you think you do! Hmm, let me clarify what I mean. Take for instance, you’re having issues with your spouse, should you talk about it with friends?

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Here are some absolute no nos that you must keep under wraps. Trust me, if you learn to be little more reserved, you will see how simple life can be.

Your good deeds

Let’s get this clear upfront. There is nothing wrong with doing good things for people. In fact, the world could stand to have a few helpful souls with the desire to change circumstances. That’s a good thing! What’s not good, however, it bragging about your good deeds, and many people do this.

There are reasons why people insist on telling stories about their heroic endeavors. Most of the time, it comes from the desire for attention. What better way to get noticed than to tell a story about saving someone’s life, right? Instead, help someone and then move on. That’s what matters the most.


I remember when I was younger and how I loved to brag about my accomplishments. I didn’t see the harm of telling everyone about my first love experience and all the details about that intimacy. Imagine how surprised I was when one of the people I confided in stole my boyfriend. Could it be, was I ignorant to display the details of my relationship? I would say…. yes.

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Never ever tell anyone about your lifestyle, whether it’s love, health or your job. It’s no one’s business to know these things, they are private and sacred. If you are telling them, then ask yourself why. Are you telling them because you are genuinely proud of your achievements or are you telling them for attention? Hey, just don’t tell them at all and your life will be much happier.

Your Intellect

This one hit home with me, and now I feel ashamed. It’s never smart to talk about how smart you are. You know those conversations where you pull out the intelligence card and spread your enlightenment all around. Most of the time, you will go from one knowledgeable subject to the next hoping you wow your friends with what you know.

Please, dear God, stop doing this! You look stupid when you assume everyone else is a blithering idiot and you are the next messiah. Give it a rest, keep it to yourself, and maybe…. try listening to what others have to say for a while.


One thing you always want to keep to yourself, or at least in a tight circle, is the conflicts you have with other people. This rings true for family squabbles more than anything else. Fights with family or friends are best dealt with by consulting those who are directly affected.

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Other people, spectators you might say, are just that…they get entertainment from your misery. Even when they seem to be consoling you, somewhere deep inside, they are thriving off your misfortune. Just keep these things between you and those directly involved.

There are other things you should keep to yourself as well, but I will leave that to your discretion. After all, human beings love to be amid drama and feed from negativity and bad luck. You should always be careful who you confide in, brag to or debate. It can be difficult knowing who your real friends are.

Instead of finding out the hard way, who’s for you and who’s against you, just keep your mouth shut!

Wait! then think twice.

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