This Beautiful Color Test Will Reveal What Type Of Intelligence You Have

This Beautiful Color Test Will Reveal What Type Of Intelligence You Have

This test will show you a variety of images, some colorful, some not. Some are also aimed at making you feel certain things. You need to select which shade catches your eye first, which color you’d add to an image without color and which emotions are invoked by what you are seeing.

The test works by analyzing the way in which you perceive what you see.

It looks at how you identify and interpret different colors and which colors immediately evoke reactions from you. Color psychology is potent because the idea of colors is common to most cultures. Through them, you can express your emotions and touch the emotions of others without uttering a single word.

You will undoubtedly see the legitimacy of this test when you get your results. It tells you what kind of intelligence is most visible in you. You might possess more interpersonal intelligence which means that you are acutely aware of the emotions others are experiencing. This allows you to be a very good judge of character. You are extroverted with great social skills as well as an empath.

Or, you could possess a greater degree of logical-mathematical intelligence. You approach every problem in a practical manner. You are brilliant at conceptual and abstract reasoning. You pick apart all issues in the most rational way possible.

But maybe you have intrapersonal intelligence.

This is the opposite of interpersonal awareness in the sense that you are completely aware of what is going on in your own mind. You know your strengths and weakness so well that you can unfailingly use them to your advantage.

Enjoy this test and respond with the answer that first comes to your mind. Tell us how you feel about the result you get.

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