This is The GRAND Purpose of The Zodiac that Has Been Hidden from You!

This is The GRAND Purpose of The Zodiac that Has Been Hidden from You!

We have all heard that the timing of our birth has its influence over our life and personality. Have you ever wondered the reason which may logically explain it? The answer lies in the science of astrology and zodiac signs. The concept of zodiac sign and astrology is ancient science belongs to the time when we used to pursue spiritual sciences.

Nowadays, we use zodiac signs to identify the right partners or our fortune only. On the contrary, it has everything to do with our destiny and faith. We will now explain the concept by peeling the layers one by one.

We will begin with the concept of date and time.

Date is actually the numerical representation of the arrangement of planetary motion. Now planetary motion has its influence over your personality and life. It is similar to the effect of moon on the minds. The idea of wolf and moon is similar to the idea being discussed here. What happens is that, the way solar-system is organized has everything to do with the energy getting radiated and reaching us.

So, in other words, the zodiac sign is the DNA imprint of our spirits.

The way our DNA governs our body, zodiac signs govern our spirit. As we are always in control of our inner force (spirit), we are mostly influenced by the zodiac signs (as they control the spirit). It keeps the humanity of a person intact in times of temptations.

Then comes the question of the importance of zodiac signs.

Each one of these signs has a greater purpose to serve. When a person is governed by his/her zodiac sign, he/she actually is serving the realm by accomplishing his/her purpose. If all of us understand this concept, it will enrich the mankind with kind and compassionate effort. The goal of a humane society will be accomplished.

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