THIS Is What God Said To Each Of The Zodiac Signs!

THIS Is What God Said To Each Of The Zodiac Signs!

It is said that when God gave the seed of life to his 12 children, he also bestowed them with unique gifts.

Read on to know what they were.


Aries was the first and they were given the duty to plant ideas into the minds of mortals. To help them in their duty, God bestowed them with Self Esteem so they wouldn’t question themselves.


They had the job to turn those ideas into reality. For that they needed to have perseverance so that they finish it, for that they got Strength to not give up.


They are the wanderers and the inquisitive soul. For them the gift of Knowledge was given so that they may spread it far and wide.


The task of the Cancer is to make people aware of their emotions so they can grow into fully developed human beings. Cancer was given the gift of Family.


To Leo was given the duty to display what is best in God’s creation, and for it was given the gift of Honor.


Virgo stands for introspection and reckoning to find the errors humanity commit, they got the gift of Thought.


Libra is to remind everyone of their duty towards each other and service. Hence, they were given the gift of Love.


Scorpio are given the gift to know what other people feel and thereby know their inner thoughts. This could be a bit overwhelming so they were given the gift of purpose to keep them on track.


They are the ones who can spread laughter and happiness even in the darkest of times. So, the gift of Abundance to share with everyone.


Capricorn are the most hard working ones and so have the gift of Responsibility.


They open the eyes of others to new possibilities and have the Freedom to move around.


Pisces are compassionate and can comprehend the sorrows of others, they were given the gift of understanding.

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