This Is What Happens When You Let A Strong Woman Go

This Is What Happens When You Let A Strong Woman Go

She will grieve. She will admit her pain, her sadness, she will not act like everything is fine. However, a strong woman will not let you put her down. Despite her sadness, she will come back stronger, and will not spend any more time crying about someone who didn’t deserve her in the first place, and didn’t understand what they were losing.

When you let a strong woman go, you are freeing her.

She doesn’t need anyone, she will be independent and thrive. A strong woman will understand that she is better off someone who doesn’t appreciate her fully. She doesn’t care what you think about her, what you say, what you do and  she will make her life the way she wants it.

She is not giving fake smiles to convince people she is ok: she actually is, because she knows who to depend on.

Be sure that if you make the mistake to let her go, she will not come crying, begging you, saying she misses you. You are the one who should correct this big mistake. So, you better realise it before it is too late. Don’t lose the opportunity to be loved by a woman like her!

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