City Builds Tiny Village For Homeless Veterans With 50 Tiny Houses So They Could Live There For Free

City Builds Tiny Village For Homeless Veterans With 50 Tiny Houses So They Could Live There For Free

There have been countless instances when people tweeted about the sorry plight of war veterans after they came back from the war. Many reported how they had to sleep on the streets while coping with PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome). This is indeed saddening, for these veterans gave their all to the country. Now, a city is giving them back.

Tiny village for homeless veterans

The city council of Kansas City organized a Veterans Community Project to help in the rehabilitation of these poor veterans. Their plan involves building small houses where the veterans would reside freely. Interestingly, these aren’t shanty hamlets, but proper households that would incorporate everything a man would need to live quite comfortably. The houses are 12 ft by 20 ft, and while the plan was initially for 30 veterans, the city council built in 20 more.

Tiny Village For Homeless Veterans - 1
Tiny Village For Homeless Veterans - 2

Although, just having a roof over one’s head is not enough. The veterans are provided with food and other utilities. They also garner a sense of peace and security while living as a community of people who have spent time together under extreme duress and forged unbreakable bonds of friendship.

There have been several initiatives for classes to begin for the veterans so that they can join society after being quite separated from it. All of this is directed at preventing them from being complete outsiders, looking at the world through the door, yet never being a part of it.

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Suffering from PTSD

Most people believe that the reason behind the veterans living a sorry life is due to their own ineptitude to adjust to normal life. They turn inactive and lazy and lose whatever respect they might have from people around them. But people who have been amongst the veterans and tried to help them out speak a different tale. The veterans are impossibly good people who have seen the horrors of war point blank and refuse to go back or live in the blood and gore. Yet, they can’t help but relive the moments as they go back to sleep every night, dreaming of bullets, dead bodies, and waking up in cold sweat. They suffer from PTSD and can experience situations akin to war even under the most common of everyday experiences.

If they don’t get help and coax them back into everyday life, they usually commit suicide, unable to carry the strain of trying to co-exist peacefully. But, what is even more dangerous is that sometimes, they are unable to control their own impulses and can be fatal to their own selves. Many films, documentaries, and books have shown people trying to normalize their lives after spending significant time fighting for their country. But most of them succumb to a vast majority of neurological problems and need proper care and support. Thus, providing them with a house and basic amenities can go a long way on the road to their recovery.

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For the Veterans

The Veterans Project is for the veterans, of the veterans, and by the veterans. A prime example of looking out for their brothers and sisters. The Veterans might never completely forget their ordeal, but this project does try to make it easier for them. They give them a pantry full of food along with bus passes irrespective of the fact whether they are homeless or not. Interestingly, the founder of the Project, Marine Veteran Kevin Jamison gave up his house as collateral to cover up for the loan of this project. He left his job at a law firm just because he wanted to some good by the world.

So, we ask you: If one action, be it small or huge, affects someone’s life in a way that would ensure a smile on their face for a long time, will you attempt to do that? After all, there is a lot of sadness on earth. Why not put some smiles back?

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