To My Fellow Women, Life Isn’t Just About Finding A Boyfriend

To My Fellow Women, Life Isn’t Just About Finding A Boyfriend

Stephanie Coontz, a social historian at Evergreen State College in Washington opines, “Today we are experiencing a historical revolution every bit as wrenching, far-reaching, and irreversible as the Industrial Revolution.” This revolution is about the change in perception about marriage and relationships in general. The change is due to the greater realization of the fact that the sole motive of life is to be happy and satisfied and thus more and more women are now content with being single.

Historically, humans have always preferred to stay with one another for the sake of improving their chances of survival. For thousands of years, we have been dependent on our partners for food and care. Being single in those times was equivalent to being given a malediction. With changing times, today Being Single is not just for the introverts and for the people whose soul mate is their Laptop (Geeks) but women today are increasingly taking up the trend.

To The Girl Who Always Wants More

For these women of modern age, life has a meaning and a purpose beyond finding a boyfriend. Claire, one of my friends, told me that she had been in a relationship since her high school but recently, after 7 years she decided to call it a day and opted out of it (a relationship is, after all, an informal contract). Soon she found out that to tackle and to deal with life alone is quite a difficult task. She went in a state of severe depression but with therapy she began to heal and understand that there is so much more to life than just running with a sole motive of getting a boyfriend.

The tips I share here are valuable secrets for a happy and satisfying and to some degree even a more fulfilling life; a life without relationships. The secret is to understand and procure your inner self and strength.

1. Take being single as an opportunity to work freely and according to your own choices.

Most successful women give credit of their success to being single as it gave them the time and space required for working and taking risks, both of which women in relationship fear so deeply.

2. You must explore your own interests and try to polish the skills involved in it.

In this digital world, this can be quite rewarding as you can earn and at the same time do stuff that you like. You have the whole time just for yourself. Be your own best friend. Solve your own problems and indubitably you’ll come out as a better person with whom everyone would like to spend time with.

Date Someone You Don’t Have To Impress

3. Engage in some activities that enhance your mind.

What is the point of life if it does not provide the happiness that you deserve? Thus it is always better to engage in meditation to uncover your inner potential. Try to have a clear understanding of one’s own self. Taking part in a group yoga classes is also very helpful.

Just try these and you will know how amazing it is to be single! Live for yourself and to be able to invest your energy into making your ownself better.

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