To My Fellow Women, Please Don’t Settle

To My Fellow Women, Please Don’t Settle

Make a choice for yourself. Choose not to settle- not today, not any other day. Don’t settle for a job you hate, or opt to live in a town that you hate, or decide to stick around friends that aren’t real, and most importantly, with love.

You deserve someone who would value the little things about you- the small and mundane things that constitute who you really are at the innermost personal level. Happiness is all about the little things. You deserve someone who would gently kiss you on your forehead like its habit. Someone who would hold your hand while walking without even being fully conscious about it. Someone who would laugh even at your lame jokes, and someone who would hug you at the end of a hard and long day.

You deserve a guy who doesn’t just spend the night, but spends the morning.

You rightly deserve a guy who is with you not just for the physical connection but who values and respects your emotional needs and is ready to take care of them. A guy who once in a while brings you breakfast in bed and sings to you songs that you love. He who loves to listen to you while you tell him details about your life. A guy who is willing to make to efforts required just to see you smile, a guy who takes you out for walks and enjoys silence with you.

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You are a strong and determined woman, who has been through a lot throughout the past. That woman has settled the issues with your past and have moved on with grace. You aren’t entirely flawless, but you deserve to be loved by someone who accepts you with all your flaws and shortcomings and loves you still the same.

Do not settle for a guy who remembers to text you only when he has no work to do or when he is getting bored at a party. You deserve much more than a guy who texts you only post midnight. Do not settle for someone who calls you names that hurt or purposely does things that trigger you for the worse.

You deserve someone who would check up on you just to make sure you are doing just fine.

Don’t settle for the guy who sees only a face or a body. Every girl is always more than a body.

Always remember that you are more than just a pretty face and a lot more than just your body. Do not settle for someone who appreciates just your physical beauty. You are worth being loved for the person that you are inside your heart. Someone who appreciates your heart and knows your in’s and out’s. This is the one that is deserving of your love and efforts.

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If a guy only bothers about the way you look and the way you dress when you are out with him, he is not worthy of your love. Also if he constantly keeps trying to change you or your personality it is time you let him go. You deserve a lot better than that.

There will be more. A lot more.

You will find better guys in your way. Guys who will be willing to love you for what you are and not what you can be. Do not fear loneliness. Because you surely will find love. And it will be more beautiful than you ever imagined.

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