To The Girl Who Always Wants More

To The Girl Who Always Wants More

At first, you are not a lunatic!

For fiercely loving and expecting nothing less than that for yourself. Additional, for falling in love (sometimes with the rotten nuts!), for giving your heart and breaking it at times, and definitely not for following your heart!

I will skip the boring part of advising you to make better choices because you deserve better, to look before you leap and to pull-the-plug-off, the moment you realise that he’s not into you! I know it hurts to bare your heart out only to get trampled upon.

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But it’s the worst and most humiliating thing that you can do to yourself because your heart was not meant to settle for the ordinary, it was not meant to be buried deep inside your chest and it was not meant to be exiled to oblivion!

Your heart was not made to be chill and act like it doesn’t feel. Also, your heart was not made for casual flings or friends with benefits or no strings attached. It was not made to be half-loved or love from a distance.

You want more of love because your heart craves it, you do not believe in investing time for pointless romances. You venture for the kind of love people read about in novels, the kind of love people dream about and only the brave dare to follow.

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The problem with hearts like yours is that it is rare! And as with most rare things, it’s difficult to comprehend for most people and even more difficult to accept. Thus your heart remains a nomad, in search of a home which is hard to find, because it’s next to impossible for you to settle for anything less than what you really seek.

On the other hand, wanting more is a bold statement. It means you do not want to settle for mediocrity.

Wanting more means you’re willing to give more.
Also, wanting more means you realise that you are worth more.
Again, wanting more means you know that someone out there can give you more.
Fianlly, wanting more means that you are patient enough to wait until you find the perfect soul-mate. It means you’d rather hold your ground than compromise on who you want to be with.

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The world will go on with its sermons about how wanting more is unrealistic and how you should settle with whatever you land up with. People will tell you that you should get used to inconsistencies, that you should date as many people you can and never care much as these flings don’t last. But let me tell you one thing, people who want more don’t act like they don’t! In fact they go ahead and just get more!

So ladies, whatever you do, never settle for less! Don’t stop asking for more, don’t stop daring to find the extraordinary and never stop looking for the one who lights up your marvellous soul!


Photo Credits: Emmanuel Rosario

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