Tonight I’ll Do Anything You Want!

Tonight I’ll Do Anything You Want!

Take initiatives, my love. This is the plan for tonight. Nothing genuine, I know. But it’s a game and it’s a game nobody can resist to. I want you to do anything you want to me. You will be giving the orders and I will be the one to bring you at the pick of pleasure. I will just follow your commands. Tonight I will do anything you want!

You are the winner of the game before we even start. You are the one and only leader. You play with your own terms and conditions, in your field. And I am willing to satisfy your every desire without any objection. I will let myself free under your commands and I will do everything you tell me to.

I Came Before We Took Our Clothes Off

Choose the character you want me to have. Tell me if you want me to be a wild, crazy bitch in bed tonight and I shall be. Tell me if you want me to be a sweet and naughty kitty cat. Choose my underwear. Dress me up in the most provocative way you have imagined. Ask me fiercely as to wear my black underwear or just ask me to show up completely naked in front of you and I shall do as you order.

Ask me to assume roles if this makes you more horny. I will be your slave and I will make you explode from pleasure. Throw me on the bed forcefully and place me as you want, then penetrate me. Do it slowly, fast, aggressively, gently, any way you want, at any speed I don’t care. Kiss me everywhere. Ask me to take the strangest position and I shall follow.

Tonight I will do anything you want-gif1

Order me to lick you. Order me to touch you with my tongue on your whole body, from head to toe. Come and be my partner in this sin. Let’s make your ever wish a reality and build the perfect crime together and let the sole indication be our screams and marks. Come on me and torture me sweet and violently.

My body will react to your every touch and move. Take advantage of it and of me. Without any shame and hesitation, tell me the time and the place and we shall meet for the new challenge. I want our bodies to tremble like they used to and I want the after cigarette to be the hottest thing in the world.

You Taught Me How To Feel

Make me do things that will get me out of my comfort zone. Swear at me, spit on me, bite me. Don’t take my clothes off. Order me to take them off one by one in front of you. Make pleasure your first priority and you won’t lose. Do whatever you want with my body and don’t tell me. Abuse me. Blindfold me, tie my hands, lick me until my legs are shaking.

Tonight I will do anything you want-gif2

Today I’ll be a toy in your hands. You can use me any way you want. As long as you ask for it. Today your every crazy wish and fantasy will be a reality. Let the sheets go to waste. I am waiting for your orders. 

Tonight I will do anything you want!

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