Toxic Relationships Mentally Strong People Avoid

Toxic Relationships Mentally Strong People Avoid

All of us have had those moments of heartbreak and of turning and tossing in the bed. Only our modest pillows silently knows the endless tears that it had to comfort. We cannot but admit that there must have been problems from both the sides. But giving a serious thought to those broken relationships, after we are over with the initial anguish and torment, would surely make us think that the breakup was better than being tied to those toxic relationships which could never comfort us or for that matter never gave us hope and faith?

So if we are into any of these toxic relationships, we must have the courage and mental strength to break free from these.

Relationships that lack mutual trust, understanding, and openness become bondages.

If relationships lack the candidness and freedom they better not exist at all. Being in a relationship does not mean you give up your personal space and freedom. Rather a healthy space is to be built where you know you can share your past, secrets, and fears with the other person without being judged. But certainly, that does not mean that the other person would always be poking his/ her nose into your affairs.

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For example, you maybe find out your partner secretly checking on your phone. Or maybe he/she starts talking trust and openness in a relationship. If that comes, then be sure that something is rotten in the heart of Denmark.

Relationships that overwhelm you with over expectation so much so that they become a burden are certainly the noxious ones.

If your relationship becomes one where all the check boxes have to marked with a tick, it means you are no longer in a relationship but rather in a rat race to prove your worth and perfection. Such stifling and suffocating relationships should surely be avoided, if not for anything at least for your self- worth.

Relationships which have surpassed the comfort zone and seeped into complacency and indolence surely should mean that heartbreak is on its way.

Since we all choose to remain in love by choice, the inactivity or smugness in a relationship is enough to ruin it. Being comfortable with our partners is something that we all hope to achieve. But taking things for granted and choosing not to play our parts in making a relationship work means it’s time we should leave it.

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When you cannot communicate in a relationship.

And even maybe you may fear of being misunderstood or simply because the other person refuses to listen on the pretext of lack of time, energy or interest, be sure that you are not too late to break free from such a relationship. Also, if you cannot talk to your partner, where you will not be understood (because someone has the emotional or intellectual level of a teaspoon), just have the guts to come out of such a bad situation.

A relationship which makes you feel weaker of the two. Also makes you question your capabilities and self-worth at every step should cease to exist.

Unless there is equality or true companionship of two minds, a relationship cannot thrive. No matter what, if you indulge in self- pity and inferiority complex just know something is terribly wrong. It’s time that you walk out of such a claustrophobic relationship.

Now, it is time for you to decide! If you want to stay in your relationship, be sure for your desicion! Otherwise break up for something more rewarding that might come your way!

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