The Type Of Drunk You Are According to Your Zodiac Sign

The Type Of Drunk You Are According to Your Zodiac Sign

Drinking is fun…!! But, what kind of drunk are you based on your Zodiac sign? Find out what kind of a drunk you are below!

1. Aries – Ruthlessly Honest

Aries loves to down a few shots and party hard, and while they can make people laugh when drunk, they tend to speak their mind, which isn’t always too pleasant.

2. Gemini – Just Won’t Shut Up

Gemini become really talkative and sentimental when drunk. They would talk to anyone who’d listen. These are one of the few times they actually talk about their emotions.

3. Pisces – Daring Drunk

Pisces is a daring drinker, downing drinks until they pass out. Things can get a bit messy if you’re out drinking with a Pisces. They are usually the last one standing, drinking till they drop.

4. Cancer – Doesn’t Understand “NO”

Cancers are heavy drinkers; they drink and want people around them to keep drinking too. When drunk, they become unpredictable people, but manage to remain in people’s favour with their adorable ways.

5. Leo – The Dancing Queen

For the Leo, music and dancing go hand in hand. They’re impossible to drag away from the dance floor. They never admit being drunk, and handle it well. They know how to have fun, but without taking it too far.

6. Sagittarius – Goes With the Flow

Sagittarius is one of the spontaneous signs, always the first ones to want to try a new bar or attend a party at someone’s place they don’t know. They often get into quarrels with other drunk people. They don’t care if people judge them for drinking.

7. Virgo – The Vulgar One

Virgos prefer being just slightly buzzed, enough to let their hair down and have a good time. They prefer intimate gatherings to clubs and bars. But once drunk, you can expect a lot of cursing and vulgarity from the Virgo.

8. Libra – Doesn’t Know When To Stop

Libras are the life of the party, but they just don’t know when to stop drinking. They find themselves in the weirdest of situations until they pass out from being too drunk.

9. Capricorn – The Can-Do-Anything

Capricorns usually stick to their limits but if they are drinking heavily, they go all out. And they take dares rather seriously; downing a 10th shot is no big deal to them.

10. Aquarius – Bigger Than Life

Aquarius is the ultimate drunk goofball, taking pictures and telling tall tales. They often exaggerate details to entertain their audience and make their anecdotes seem bigger than life.

11. Scorpio – Snappy and Sassy

Scorpios have a ready tongue and belt out the sassiest remarks when drunk. They wouldn’t care then about who they offend, but they’ll probably be sorry the next day.

12. Taurus – Giggler

Taurus is the happy drunk. They get very excited and gigglish when drunk, especially with their favourite people around. They are clumsy, but laugh it off like everything else.

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