Vagina Necklaces Are Now A Thing

Vagina Necklaces Are Now A Thing

Emily Fitzgerald is a Jewelry designer that had a pretty radical idea for a new series of necklaces: she started making vagina necklaces!

Fitzgerald says that, when she first had the idea, her daughter called her a “freak. However, she kept on about it, wanting to give out a message to girls that their “yonis are beautiful”, and battle a stereotypical attitude that makes girl ashamed of their body parts.

The necklaces had such a huge demand, that her Etsy store broke! She keeps lancing them mainly through Instagram, and has to work more and more to handle the demand. Moonflower Creations, her brand, named the series “Galaxy push girls.

What you DO and DON’T Eat Before Sex!

Hit her up and you will find out how to get one yourself!

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