Which Door Do You Think Leads To Happiness?

Which Door Do You Think Leads To Happiness?

Look at the doors in the picture above, and choose the one which you think will bring you happiness. Lend your focus at the shape, colour or any other thing which you may notice in the picture and choose which one is your door to happiness.

Blue door:

You are a helpful fellow who can go to extremes to help others and you believe in giving not taking. You don’t like having many friends but you keep a small group around you, who are truly your close companions. Choosing this door means that you are not the one who can talk about yourself to anyone and everyone. You are a loyal, honest and trustworthy being, who likes to maintain peace and keeping things sorted out with everyone. You may behave as a tough one to deal with, but you have a softness hidden inside.

Purple door:

You seek power and glory. You are a strong headed, straightforward person who doesn’t believe in fake appearances. You come across as an intimidating personality, but you too have softness buried inside you. You, not only, seek true love but are also a great person to fall in love with. To find peace and happiness you just need to give your difficulties another glance and a patient perseverance.

Red door:

If you choose this door, then it means that you are an enthusiastic, humorous and loving personality. Your wit, approach and happy-go-lucky personality bring many friends to you. You are a mixture of well-proportioned aggression and humility. Red is the colour of love, energy and strength and that is evident in your personality.

Owl door:

If your decision is this door then that means you have a detective like curious persona. Otherwise you wouldn’t have gone for such a unique door. You too are full of energy and loving personality, yet you grow better in your own company and you like independence. You are loved by one and all because of the kind and loving heart you possess. Your mysterious appearance and self-confidence draws the opposite sex towards you.

Here, just by choosing a door you have come face to face with your own personality. Just give yourself some time and think about yourself now.

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