Which Zodiac Are You In?

Which Zodiac Are You In?

Which Zodiac Are You In?

January- Chatter:

You are that kind of person who loves to chat. You are a perfect blend of inner and outer beauty. You tend to get angry often and you are brave and fearless.

February- Thug:

You are abstract with your thoughts. You are very intelligent as a person and tend to follow goals. You are too sensitive and get easily hurt.

March- Gorgeous:

You are a very attractive person. You are honest, sympathetic and generous; very stubborn in the most predictive way. You have a great sense of fashion. You hate insult. You hardly show any emotions.

April- Adorable:

You as a person are very compromising in nature. You are very adorable and people love to talk with you. You try to keep yourself calm and peaceful in every situation. You try to run your life in a very systematic way.

May- Lover:

Man you are the person who is the perfect example of any lover. You are very affectionate and attractive to oneself. Enjoys to make love and you are a very good counselor.

June- Fineness:

You are that kind of person whose presence gives a valuable position as you are fun to be with. You are very popular with lots of contacts.

July- Gangsta:

You are the boss of your clan. You have a great personality and have the ability to lead something. You are a good orator and people loves to hear from you. In terms of love, you are a great flirt.

August- Attitude:

You can take risks and your attitude is everything. You can’t accept if anyone behaves badly against you. You are a real fighter.

September- IMP:

You love those people who love you. You tend to gets angry often even on petty issues. You are very unpredictable.

October- Passionate:

You are very passionate about everything. You are very trustworthy and loyal. You tend to stands out of the crowd.

November- Sweetie:

You are very stubborn in nature. You have very sharp thoughts and you use your brain whenever you are in danger and you love literature and art.

December- Beauty:

You are the most good looking in this list. You are very patriotic by nature and you are very hardworking and stubborn.

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