Who Am I? Astrology Explained

Who Am I? Astrology Explained

Astrology has been in practice for centuries by now and yet we only have a superficial knowledge of the subject. The ancient art which uses the position of stars and planets to predict future can also be a very powerful method of spiritual awakening. Astrology can help us decipher who we are, and what all can we be.

If you know a bit more about astrology, you’d know how much it interacts with your life other than the everyday horoscope predictions. Though we all know about the concept of sun signs or at least know which one we were born under, there is not much knowledge of The Rising Sign and The Moon Sign. Read on to know more about these astrological terms.

The Sun Sign

As mentioned before, nearly everyone knows about their sun sign and the reason is that it is the most powerful of all signs. The Sun is symbolic of the living energy which flows in us and also determines our personality. In our solar system, the Sun is located right at the center, in the same way for our personality; our Sun sign is the focal point. It determines how our life would be.

The Moon Sign

The Sun Sign is about our obvious and apparent traits. However the Moon sign is the symbol of our inner traits and hidden desires which are not always on the surface. It is an indicator of our inner emotions and intuitions. In women, the Moon Sign is considered to be stronger than the Sun sign as it is representation of the Great Goddess. It also influences our thoughts on love.

The Rising Sign- Ascendant

The Sun and the Moon sign both respectively tell about our active and passive traits. Yet, how we are is seldom how the world sees us. The Rising Sign is indicative of what others feel about us. The more this sign resonates with the earlier two, the more honest personality we have. If these signs are not compatible, it means knowingly or unknowingly we are trying to project ourselves as something we are not.

Who Am I ? Astrology Explained

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