Why Overthinking Destroys Your Sleep

Why Overthinking Destroys Your Sleep

Just before you fall asleep…

There’s the hard part! Those are the moments when you don’t have anything and anyone to distract your attention and you remember yourself. This self reminds you of what hurt him, what made him happy, what he missed and never managed to spit out. But wanted to do so very hard!

Those moments that prove to you that you cannot escape the past so easily. At least, not as easily as you can escape the present. You said a nice quote, a nice lie, a half truth and now you are happy that you got away with all those. You are happy when standing against the other, but not against yourself.

Your Hug Is My Best Pillow

Now you realise that everything you’ve done and said during the day, was not what you intended to say and do and all this turned against you violently and makes your sleep harder. A hard situation, if you are one of those who think about their actions and tend to reproduce in their head all that they’ve lived through the day; If you are one of those who because of guilt or personal interest or need to feel and look right to the others, devote time every night to self-criticism in order to maintain a clear consciousness. And we all make self-criticism; But we rarely reclaim its profits.

We don’t because when we open our eyes the next morning, we hope that a change will come up and turn everything upside down in our favour. Hope dies last in the human heart. And with hope, dies the chance of fixing the things of the past since things rarely turn out the way we dreamt of before falling asleep. 

The moment you are living a situation, this is when you need to take action. If you don’t say exactly what you think or want the moment you have to, stop thinking about it when you are far away from it. You have no reason to allow your memories, good or bad, to torture you every night and lose your sleep with second and third thoughts. What would have happened or would happen if things went differently, you will never know; So, what is the point of analysing something that is too late to change now?

We MISSED Each Other!

As for the past, this is definitely something you need to reconcile with, keep it in your heart, appreciate that you lived it and it taught you so many things but take it out of your head. You need to let go of something that doesn’t exist any more. It doesn’t exist, but in your thoughts. And it does have a power and influence on you because you are attached to it. If you don’ let all the bad memories behind, how are you going to create new ones? With the hope that this time the new ones will be more pleasant.

But even this hope though, don’t carry it in your sleep. Sleep with this powerful feeling that they have brought to you and the sweet taste in your heart but stop thinking about them, because you are in danger of classifying them as good and bad.  

The less you remember, the better. And the better you sleep, the better you can handle situations the right way. Spontaneously, without many analyses and without second thoughts.

Second thoughts is what hyper analyzing creates and in most cases also create a bad intuition. Sometimes, they have protected you but so many other times, they have kept you away from moments or people that were worth it. And you only realised that this late!

How can I stop memories and second thoughts from torturing me?” you probably ask me now. I don’t know how, but I definitely know that we can gain a lot while trying to manage it.

Lets Flirt a Little More Before We Give Our First Kiss!

So turn off the light, go to bed and give yourself only one thought today. How to fix the evil that your bad thoughts have created. And thank God, tomorrow is a new day. Full of love, disappointments, friends, enemies, strong emotions, one night stands, happiness and sadness. Thankfully life has a bit of everything! And you are ready to live it. Just like it is

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