Woman Confused Seeing Soldier Stand At Attention In Rain Storm Looks Ahead And Breaks Down

Woman Confused Seeing Soldier Stand At Attention In Rain Storm Looks Ahead And Breaks Down

All around the world, people are grateful for their soldiers. These brave men give their all for their nation and are always ready to serve, both against internal and external threats. They live lives of extreme discipline and are often not even granted the luxury of dealing with their personal issues. Duty comes first in their lives in ways that ordinary people cannot even fathom.

Meeting A Soldier

Meeting A Soldier

When Erin Hester from Kentucky was out and about on that fateful day, she didn’t realize that she was going to have a life-changing experience. She was just standing at a red light when she realized that a long line of cars was driving past on the other side whereas the car she was waiting behind had come to a complete halt. She became curious thinking about what possible reason that person could have to stop and park.

True Compassion

Erin went around to ask the man why he’d suddenly stopped. When he told her the reason, she was so moved that she began to cry. It was a soldier’s car and when he saw that a funeral procession was passing by, he’d immediately pulled over and stood in attention even though it was raining heavily.

More Than He Needed To

Writing about the incident on Facebook, Erin expressed her frustration with people usually not making way for processions. However, this soldier had gone out of his way to do more than what was expected of him. Even though there’s no hard and fast rule that a soldier has to stand in attention whenever a procession is going by, this soldier was gentlemanly enough to give an unknown stranger’s family respect during a difficult time.

Seeing Soldier Stand At Attention In Rain Storm

A Learning Moment

After reading this, all of us should learn from this experience. This man’s action teaches all of us to show a little kindness even when the going gets rough. Going out of your way to help someone else and being respectful at all times is important. If we all did this, we could create a beautiful world full of love and harmony.

The Man Himself

The soldier here is Col. Jack L. Ursey, a senior Army advisor to the adjutant general at the Tennessee National Guard Headquarters. When asked about the incident, Ursey replied that he didn’t give it much thought. This was something he’d learned from his parents as a child and it was almost automatic for him to stop and salute. The fact that this small incident became so famous is mind-boggling for him. Ursey believes that only proves that we could achieve unity by simply following the Golden Rule.



Most people today have no time to stop for their neighbours. It’s a rat race out there and we often lose sight of what is important. Despite the discomfort of the pouring rain, this soldier stopped to show his respect and his action is truly inspiring to us all. It’s not possible to be perfect all the time, but sometimes it is enough to just do your best.

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