Some Years Ago, A Mother Gave Birth To 6 Beautiful Babies. Here’s How The Family Looks Like Today!

Some Years Ago, A Mother Gave Birth To 6 Beautiful Babies. Here’s How The Family Looks Like Today!

The beauty of internet lies in the wonderful stories of people across the world that one gets to read. To experience someone else’s life is rather interesting. That’s how a few years ago a story of a wonderful family became viral overnight. And now, we’re back again to be inspired by their lives after all these years.

The story is about the couple Mia and Rozonno McGhee. Married for several years, they were desperately trying to conceive. However when the good news came, it shocked them. Mia was pregnant with six babies, a sextuplet. The young couple had a lot of planning to do!

With having twins even being rare, a natural sextuplet birth is a one in a 4.7 billion chance. It’s an extremely rare occurrence even with fertility treatments and such.

US has only six sets of sextuplets at present and so McGhee family broke several records. As a matter of fact, when they were born in 2010 they were the first sextuplets in Columbus, Ohio.

Brian Killian, photographer, took their first shots as a family on Rozonno’s back. When this photo surfaced online, people went crazy and the family became celebrities overnight. Their lives completely changed.

They had the opportunity to go to Oprah to share the news of their beautiful children and funny accounts of their life as new parents. Raising six children together is no easy task but it landed them on Oprah and they only had good things in store for them.

Seeing their rising fame, they were approached with the idea of a reality show called “Six Little McGhees”. The family was delighted for the chance and the show charmed the nation’s heart for three years.

Although there are several internet stars who fizzle out pretty fast but the McGhees were loved always. They retained their popularity and kept charming our hearts.

However parenting is really difficult for them. Raising six kids simultaneously and preparing them for school is surely tiresome. It also means working extra hard to keep all the mouths fed. Mia and Rozonno run a full-time carpet cleaning enterprise in addition to raising the kids, and it surely is exhausting.

Married for a long 17 years, the McGhees have stayed strong and beautiful throughout all hardships. They have wonderful supportive fans and to thank them, they reshot the popular photograph that kick started their media career. The babies have now grown but they’re just as adorable.

Their fame doesn’t end here. They are in talks for a new show called ‘Growing Up McGhee’ and it will surely be even more popular than the previous one.


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