You Don’t Need A Soulmate, You Need A Teammate

You Don’t Need A Soulmate, You Need A Teammate

Companion is the synonym for partner. We don’t need someone who is similar to us; instead we actually seek someone who manages to create balance in our lives. We need someone who can pacify our temper, one who can give us shoulder at the time when we need one, and wipe our tears when we’re upset. Our companion should be like the one who can handle us when we’re on the verge of collapsing.

All of us need someone who can help us through our thick and thin in life, and render us their support.

The one who can lend us their ear when we talk about our problems and insecurities. A partner always helps us choose the right path and deters us from getting involved in evils. Companion is the one with whom we grow and who will lift us when we are about to give up on anything. Our strength and capabilities get highlighted when we are in the presence of that someone. Even if you’re not married, you should feel like a family together.

Someone who has our back and supports us when we get mistreated by others.

We’re talking about someone who can do anything to ensure our safety and can keep us protected. One who does not seek to win an argument but looks for an answer which will work for both the partners. The discussions won’t be between two separate entities but between a team. He/she will be genuinely happy for you in your success, and will lend you a hand in anything if you want them to. There won’t be a concept of superiority between you people. Your opinion, responses will be respected by them.

That companion is willing to make efforts for the relationship. There will be an effort which will improve your friendship and relationship both. What we’re trying to say here is that the person needn’t be like you or be born for you. He just needs to love you and become a part of team without the captain but the mates.

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