Your Relationship Deal-Breaker, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Your Relationship Deal-Breaker, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

It is one thing being compromising and adjusting your quirks for the other person while dating. It is completely another when you are asked to ignore something which is very important to you.

Here are some dating deal-breakers according to these Zodiac signs.


Aries are pretty focused and driven. They wouldn’t appreciate a couch potato for a potential partner.


Taurus are cautious and they plan their life in advance. They appreciate a steady life and a partner who is spontaneous and wild would not be their cup of tea.


They are known to be quick-witted. If their partner cannot hold up a good conversation they’d eventually get bored sooner rather than later.


They are very emotional and compassionate and if their date isn’t so then it could be quite a problem.


They have a natural flair for attention and the dramatic. A partner who can’t keep up with their time in the spotlight would soon be out.


They are extremely conscious about their responsibilities and would always be prepared for the job. A devil-may-care attitude is definitely not a way to their heart.


They are known to be social and charming and kind. As such, they wouldn’t appreciate an overtly shy partner.


They are deeply inquisitive in nature and would constantly want to know where everything stands. Unless you can be completely honest with them, don’t date them.


They believe in exploring the world and would like a partner who feels the same. Anyone who can’t handle travel should rather stay away.


The goat is known or its self-discipline and pragmatic ways. Anyone who is not prudent enough can be a deal breaker.


They are known to be eccentric and so they would appreciate freethinking and open mindedness in their dates.


They like to be quiet and peaceful and so a rowdy partner is off the books.

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